Jessica Morse has votes from the Bargers

By: Kathy and Tom Barger
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       My husband and I have lived for 42 years in Placer County and we love it. Our county has an abundance of natural beauty and a blend of healthy cities, quaint and vibrant small towns, and important rural and agricultural communities. In a few weeks we have the opportunity to vote for someone who also loves this county. We are voting for Jessica Morse because we feel she has a commitment to this county and serving all of us in the 4th Congressional district.

She promises to be bipartisan and work for affordable healthcare, funding for infrastructure projects and reasonably-priced housing.

Jessica is very committed to the environment and is concerned about the budget cuts to our National Parks and Forest Service and other public lands and the tariffs put on solar businesses. She is dedicated to working on effective fire prevention and forest management. She will also fight for the concerns of seniors, working to keep Social Security and Medicare intact and not privatized.

We have met Jessica and have been impressed with her energy and expertise in many areas and her dedication to this place we call home. She lives in the 4th district and would serve us well. Please vote for Jessica.

Kathy and Tom Barger, Lincoln