NorCal Gun Vault in Rocklin serves as staple for Placer County residents

By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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A popular area firearm store, Nor Cal Gun Vault continues to see customer growth and more customers choosing them as their staple gun store, according to Nor Cal Gun Vault owner Eddie Ford.

Nor Cal Gun Vault opened in September 2014 and Eddie and Tammy Ford took ownership in August 2017.

Eddie Ford is a retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer. His wife, Tammy Ford, is the chief financial officer for a large locally-based company. Tammy was born and raised here locally in the  Sacramento region, according to Ford. Eddie is a proclaimed “Air Force Brat” while he was raised in Stockton before he entered the Navy.

“Our vision has always been to have a place where anyone from seasoned shooters to first-time firearm buyers are welcome, comfortable and can shop in a judgement-free store,” (Eddie) Ford said. “We didn’t like the stereotypical ‘gun store’ vibe, where you walk in and the employee just watches and doesn’t engage.”

Tammy Ford expressed how important each customer is to them.

“Every customer is just as important to us as another. We are building a reputation for this very thing and its part of our DNA. We are veteran owned and family operated,” she said.

Tammy then spoke to how the Placer County community impacts their business and sparks their passion for what they do.

“Placer County has so many reasons to have a gun store. The residents are predominately pro Second Amendment,” Tammy said. “A lot of them live far enough into the Northern California wilderness to understand the need for a firearm. Whether it’s big game or game birds, you can hunt year-round here.”

“There is also a large veteran community in the Northern California region we are proud to serve. The customers in Placer County, and really from Redding to Turlock, have all been excited to have a gun store they like, not one they have to go to because there aren’t any choices.”

The Nor Cal Gun Vault owners employ 13 others. The owners remain confident that Nor Cal Gun Vault will remain as one of the area’s top spots for firearms.

“When you come to Nor Cal Gun Vault, you will be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of your experience level,” she said.

Eddie emphasized the number one priority of their business.

“Above all else, our passion is providing the best customer experience possible,” he said.