Reader Input: Equal in God's sight

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I love my red voter friends as much as I do the blue and green. It doesn't matter that we all differ, we are individual minds and hearts focused on better not worse. We are united more than divided but we are not all as informed as yet. The truth is yet to be revealed.

Why don't we agree that dissension is a luxury and sedition should never have to manifest itself in our country. Who ever we are will change and so must we when it is in our interests.

Let's not allow any inside or outside force to dissuade us from our mission, to lead the world to freedom through our example. It may sound naive on the surface because the change must start with you and I.

I for one love that I can openly criticize our policies, however I was taught to offer a solution to constructive criticism.

It's been a while since I've attended to my friends on facebook and it pains when when complete strangers eviscerate each other out in the open.

Men used to gather on street corners to talk face to face man to man and it rarely would get to this level of ferocity.

If you're serious about loving your country, it's not the buildings, organizations, or venues you should love, it's her people.

We are equal in the sight of God and as Martin Buber reminds to respect the '
THOU' in the other.

K.P. Martin, Rocklin