5 questions with Bill Walker

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Many people cower under the impression that their compositions cannot be shared due to the hassles of working with major publishing companies. However, Bill Walker of Rocklin creates an alternative by establishing Prismatic Entertainment, “an e-commerce and resource hub for independent authors and musicians,” he said. His company gives everyone, from teenagers to baby boomers, the opportunity to share their work and become a published author or musician without the stress. 1. What makes you different from other publishing companies? “Prismatic Publishing is a custom publishing company for independent authors. We encourage authors to give themselves a ‘traditional publishing’ deal. That means (providing) formatting, cover design, editing, proof-reading, printing, etc. When the process is finished, the book will look like it came from one of the major publishing houses.” 2. What is your process when promoting a client? “Some of the things we’ll do is set up a CD or book signing then promote it online using Facebook and Twitter. We’re working on promotion and marketing packages that should be available soon.” 3. How would a client get a hold of you or start the process? “To submit a product to the Simplie Indie store, the artist would go to and choose submit book or CD and fill out the online form. Then they need to mail us five copies of their product and in about seven days their product will be available to purchase at If a client wants a custom publishing package then they would go to to find the appropriate package for their book. If someone has questions or wants something that isn’t directly offered then a potential client can e-mail me at and we will work with the client and see if we can accommodate their needs and wants. 4. How long does the process take? It depends on what is being requested. Once a client submits their book or CD to Simplie Indie’s online store, it takes about seven to 10 days for it to be made available for purchase. It can be just a couple of weeks or it can take several months. The greater the needs (of the author), the longer the publishing process takes. 5. How do you promote your business and attract new customers? “Online — We will be focusing our efforts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, blogging, article writing and podcasting. And offline marketing (also known as) face-to-face networking. This includes generic networking meetings in addition to specialty groups such as writers’ clubs. We also put on workshops and seminars for authors and musicians.” ~Ilaf Esuf/Special to The Placer Herald Do you have someone you think should be featured in The Placer Herald? E-mail or call 774-7981 with who you’d like to see featured.