5 questions with Josh Ward of All Seasons Lawn Care

By: Autumn Matz, Placer Herald Correspondent
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Josh Ward and Ed Keller, co-owners of Rocklin-based All Seasons Lawn Care, are entrepreneurs that have been taking care of lawns since their business started two years ago. Josh Ward took the time to answer these questions about their business.
1. What is your role in the company?
“I manage all 50 plus accounts on my own. Ed Keller does the billing and the paperwork (service agreements, contracts, bills, tax forms etc). He has also had double the experience so he is a great reference.”
2. On average, how many lawns do you take care of per week during the summer?
“Currently All Seasons manages just over 50 accounts, from Rocklin to El Dorado Hills.”
3. How do you keep your business going during the winter months?
“The winter usually means a decline in accounts for us, but we still get by just fine. The biggest mistake someone can make is not caring for his or her lawn in the winter. When someone lets their lawn go dormant, it can take up to four months for the fullness and color to come back fully. All together it’s just better to maintain in winter, some people just don’t realize it.”
4. What services does your company offer?
“Along with mowing [lawns], edging [lawns], blowing down [lawns], patios etc. water system management is huge in the summer months. Also, regular fertilization is key to a healthy green lawn in both summer and winter.”
5. What do you like best about owning your own company?
“There is so much freedom in owning my own business. You can’t really set your own schedule but it is very flexible. It is nice to be able to make my own calls when it comes to my family, or the order I want to do things or even when to wake up.”
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