5 questions with Marlise Dizon

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Marlise Dizon, a sixth-grader at Rocklin Academy, entertains the crowd with her passion and talent for singing. Entering in numerous competitions at a young age, 12-year-old Dizon is hoping to one day perform at a Broadway show and make her fondness of singing a career. Winning the junior division of the NorCal Sings competition was just a stepping stone on the way to her journey of stardom. She hopes to wow the audience again, when she sings at the California State Fair, a prize her victory at the NorCal Sings competition awarded her. Dizon was the grand champion for NorCal Sings for the 7 to 12 age group. 1. When was your first debut as a singer? When did your dream really take shape? “When I was younger, I regularly performed at family parties with my sister. Then, I participated in talent shows. It took shape when I started doing theatre, because that’s where I got involved with all aspects of performing including singing, dancing and acting. At first, I was influenced by my dad and his twin brother, because they used to always sing around me.” 2. How many performances have you done? “I have done many performances in theatre, talent shows, even at my house. Each one helped me learn and become a better performer. I also do a lot of training with vocal and dance lessons, piano, etc. When I was really young, I used to be shy, but all of these things have helped me be more comfortable on stage and in front of an audience.” 3. What is your favorite memory of singing? “I like the excitement before I go on stage to sing, and the audience reaction. I also like playing a character through the song that I normally cannot be. I love to sing and perform. One of my favorite memories is singing the national anthem at a Kings game with my older sister, Kristina. Also, I have many great memories playing some fun roles in theatre such as Cruella De Vil (in ‘101 Dalmatians’), Babette (in ‘Beauty and the Beast’), and Little Red (in ‘Into the Woods’). I am also excited because I will perform in the children’s chorus in Music Circus’ ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ this summer.” 4. What song did you sing for the junior division of the NorCal Sings competition and why? “I sang a medley of ‘Popular’ and ‘Wizard and I’ from Wicked. I sang these songs because ‘Popular’ showed my personality and ‘Wizard and I’ showed my voice.” 5. How would you inspire other young children who are also interested in the singing field? “I would tell them if they want to pursue their dreams of performing, they should never give up, and try their hardest, even if people put you down. If you don’t win a competition, it doesn’t mean you’re bad, you will learn from it, and there will always be other opportunities. You also have to work hard for it, including training and taking care of your voice, and putting effort into it.” ~ Ilaf Esuf, Special to The Placer Herald