5 questions with Mike Fabel - Fabel extols unity with new book

By: Paris Narayan, Placer Herald Correspondent
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Local resident Mike Fabel has been writing for over a quarter century. He began his passion at the tender age of 8, and he published a poetry book, “Fabel’s Tales Unspoken,” in March 2005. The book is filled with his work from between the ages of 18 to 25. His new book, “The Book of Unity,” is something Fabel said he knew he was meant to write and thus he accomplished this by publishing it in his blog. 1. What do you enjoy about writing? “Writing allows me to focus and take the necessary time to systematically ponder over my thoughts and ideas so that I may have a more balanced outlook on life. For me, writing is liberating and through liberation comes peace and I enjoy peace.” 2. What do you hope people take away from reading your book? “I hope people take away from this book the fact that we are all not that different from each other. I hope people learn that labeling things such as God, political parties, social class, job titles, etc. creates separation amongst us. I understand that labeling things plays its part, but we must also understand we don’t have to play into it. I also hope people learn that we can change together, as one, in one, for one.” 3. Why did you decide to write it? “I decided to write and share this eBook because I believe we as a people can be united in at least one common understanding and that common understanding is unity.” 4. Why did you choose to publish it online and let readers view it for free? “I decided to give this book away for free because I know all the important and meaningful things in life are free and I feel this book to be important and meaningful. There’s no profit to be made, I feel the sharing of knowledge should be free for those who seek it. There are no hard copies of this book because if I had to come out of pocket to make it, you’d have to come out of pocket to buy it and besides, we’re saving trees this way.” 5. What advice would you give an aspiring writer? “Don’t ever let anybody’s opinion about your writing trump the effort you put into it, and if people’s criticism is constructive, acknowledge it.” To view Fabel’s book, go to www.TheBookOfUni