Measure E victory will mark the future of aging Sierra College

By: Brody Fernandez, Lead Reporter for South Placer
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With a major decision looming for Placer County, Measure E marks the future of Sierra College’s aging infrastructure.

The first bond measure since 1957 remains a major question on whether residents will be ready for $350,000,000 in bonds to repair, replace and retrofit the college’s infrastructure.

With this revenue, the college would replace dilapidated buildings built in 1960, and retrofit some buildings and facilities that still have sound structure and interiors. The money would allow college staff to brainstorm on how the new buildings will feature educational tools and programs akin to the 21st-century.

Sierra College’s public information officer Sue Michaels remained confident as provisional and mail in ballots were still coming in.

“We’re at 55.59 percent in Placer County, so we are still holding our breath over here,” Michaels said. “They (Placer County Elections) believe they will have everything ready in the next few days leading up to the final report. What we have now does not include mail-in or drop-off ballots, so we’re nearly there.”

The measure needs a combined 55-percent between three Northern California counties: Placer County, El Dorado County and Sacramento County.

Sierra College President Willy Duncan is also positive about the ballots.

“I’m very pleased that Measure E continues to do well as the final votes are counted,” Duncan said. “I am hopeful that we will have final results soon and we can get started improving the campus.”

Currently, Measure E has more than 57-percent support with “yes” votes in Sacramento County and  51.98 percent “yes” votes in El Dorado County.

The next Placer County Elections Office update is expected after press time today.

“We are at 51 percent in El Dorado this week, and last week, we were at 50.95,” Michaels said. “That’s means we’re up about a 0.5 percent. That’s good news. It really all depends how many come in. We seem to be gaining in El Dorado, so we feel pretty good.”

Placer County Elections manager Philip Chantri assures more information soon.

“The next update will be on Friday before 5 p.m.,” Chantri said. “The last day we will actually certify the measure is July 5th , which is 30 days after the vote in accordance with California state law.”

Chantri said that there are still tens of thousands of votes to be counted.

“We have approximately 17,000 mail-in ballots still left to count and another 2,850 provisional ballots, and those will take some time,” Chantri said.