Rocklin Council talks GSEC and restroom opposition

By: Brody Fernandez, Lead Reporter for South Placer
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Discussion about the Greater Sacramento Economic Council and Quarry Park Adventures dominated much of the discussion at Tuesday night’s Rocklin City Council regular meeting.

Council members talked about the importance of the Greater Sacramento Economic Council (GSEC) as they approved a resolution unanimously authorizing the city manager to execute an economic development agreement with the economic council for a term of one year costing  $23,868.

Rocklin City Manager Steven Rudolph was the first to express support for the resolution.

“I think Rocklin’s continued place at the table in this organization involving the greater Sacramento area is very important,” Rudolph said. “I think this organization is a little bit Sacramento-centric, but if you’re not at the table, you can’t even be part of the discussion.”

Councilmember Scott Yuill agreed.

“This organization is made up of CEOs and major companies in our region, and our mayor serves at our seat there,” Yuill said. “I want to emphasize the value of this organization and us being plugged in there. I strongly support us continuing being at GSEC.” 

Vice Mayor Joe Patterson also supported the resolution.

“I’m happy to see that there’s a one-year deal,” Patterson said. “We have a lot of undeveloped land here in the west part of Rocklin, which will be our final piece of the puzzle in terms of attracting new businesses in the city. I do have some reservation here, but overall, I’d like to see what ideas they have as well.”

Council members Gayaldo and Janda were on excused absences.

The next item deliberated for more than two hours was the only bid action item on the agenda, which was updates and a staff recommendation on Quarry Park Adventures. The park is estimated to bring in more than 130,000 visitors a year to downtown Rocklin. 

Rudolph stressed the importance of the Quarry Park Adventures program.

“This is a fun project for our community, “ Rudolph said. “In addition to being a great amenity, this is also great economic project for the city. There is no template for building an adventure park in a former granite quarry. As we look forward to completing the project, the city and park operators are confident the park will provide a truly unique recreation and adventure experience for residents and visitors, and bring significant economic activity to the region.”

The resolution was for the council to approve additional funding necessary to complete the project, authorizing the city manager to execute an agreement for construction of the park’s guest services building with an indoor food services section.

“This I believe all council members agree on,” Patterson said. “It’s the portable restrooms going in that I have concerns with.”

The resolution presented by staff also called for the immediate installment of permanent restrooms through the contractor PBM, Inc. After the staff presentation, council members discussed the idea of having portable temporary restrooms as several council members jokingly shared horror stories about portable bathrooms. In hopes of possibly saving money on the project, council sent it back to staff in an effort to gather more information and possibly provide more options.

Councilmember Yuill expressed the importance of the project while still refusing to rush a decision on portable toilets.

“This is a big bold project for the city,” Yuill said. “And now it looks like it’s going to cost a little more. But we must recognize that this is a significant investment for this community.”

Yuill remained pessimistic about the idea of portable bathrooms.

“Believe me I’ve been in some bad toilets, so if these are going to be temporary portable toilets, then they’ve got to be glorious.”

After much deliberation, the bid action resolution item was moved off calendar to the council’s next scheduled meeting on June 26.

“We don’t’ want to write a blank check here for $900,000. That’s why we need more information on this one,” Patterson said.

Broadway told Gold Country Media Wednesday that staff will come back “with information on the initial cost of the portable bathrooms.

“It’s really about when this funding will be available to us. With the money we will be saving for the food services now being placed in the guest services building,” Broadway said, “staff will also have a report on whether there’s enough funding for the king swing and outdoor patio deck to be installed in the park as well.”

Patterson also talked to Gold Country Media Wednesday about the meeting.

“My takeaway from last night is really that we need a lot more information on this before making a decision,” Patterson said. “For example, I want to know some of the additional amenities and models we can get for this project. This thing really does remind me a lot like a wedding. At first, you have to make serious preparations right away on who the bridal party will consist of and then you continue to make these preparations until the final stretch or final weeks before the wedding. It’s at that point you start realizing what you need to get done before the big day.”

In other news

• Item number 26 passed unanimously, which was a move to introduce an ordinance, waive the full reading and read by title only, an ordinance approving the first amendment to the Pacific Tech Park general development plan, replacing and superseding ordinance 923, and to rezone three parcels from planned development business professional (PD-BP) to planned development light industrial.

• Item 27 passed unanimously, which dealt with the marijuana regulation zoning ordinance amendment. The proposed project would amend certain sections of Title 17 - zoning of the Rocklin municipal code related to the regulation of marijuana.

• Resolution  28 passed unanimously, approving and authorizing the city manager to execute a professional services agreement with Melton Design Group for design of the Johnson-Springview Park Water Feature.