Rocklin Council to address Quarry Park funding July 10

Rocklin officials say that the Quarry Park Adventures will open by Aug. 31.
By: Brody Fernandez
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Quarry Park Adventures is a 5 ½-acre adventure park being built at the 160-year-old granite Big Gun Quarry at 4060 Rocklin Road. It will include zip lines, a possible giant swing, free-fall jumps, boating, a play zone, entertainment and a featured restaurant.

Rocklin City Council will continue discussion on the funding needed for certain park elements at the 4 p.m. July 10 special meeting in the Rocklin Council Chambers, 3970 Rocklin Road. Those elements pertain to a food services building, possible installment of permanent restrooms, an outside deck where visitors can enjoy craft beers and wine, and a King Swing attraction.

Rocklin Mayor Ken Broadway wanted to assure residents that the park will open in late August.

“Staff is still putting together information for us in regard to costs,” Broadway said Tuesday. “We are not borrowing money here or asking for additional funding.” 

At the June 12th City Council meeting, council members approved additional funding for the project and decided to continue the discussion the discussion to where that money would be allocated.

Council had discussed the additional $900,000 in the budget that was approved that night, "Staff is gathering more data and narrowing down costs in order for us to make a more informed decision on certain elements (In reference to the July 10 meeting),” Rocklin Mayor Ken Broadway said.“We simply didn’t want to rush this. Our decisions need to be based on sound information.”

Councilman Scott Yuill also talked to Gold Country Media about the update.

“This will give staff more time to thoroughly vet these numbers,” Yuill said. “They will look at the cost difference between portable bathrooms and permanent bathrooms. They will also look at the cost difference between building a permanent deck or temporary platform in lieu of the deck.”

The cost of the King Swing attraction will also be considered in the upcoming staff report. The King Swing attraction is a multi-person supersized swing set that would be stationed over the quarry.

“We need to look at all of these components collectively,” Yuill said, “so that people can get the most bang for their buck. We have to prioritize the implementation based on cost analysis.”

Yuill summed up moving this discussion to a special meeting with a single question: “How do we create the best experience possible, while staying within our numbers?”