Loomis Basin Brewing Company makes its mark on region

Brew masters' slogan is 'Always Fresh, Always Local
By: Anne Stokes of the Placer Herald
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The Loomis Basin Brewing Company is a family-owned and operated microbrewery with a local cult following. Father and son brew masters Jim and Kenny Gowan, who have nearly 40 years of commercial brewing experience between them, opened up the 20-barrel beer center 5 years ago. 

"We're very hands-on,” says Kenny. “We handle the product from A to Z, even as far as packaging it into bottles.  We run it all. Our tagline is 'Always fresh, always local.’"  

With roots that go back several generations, the Gowan Family has received and appreciated some serious support from their hometown. Their products are always released first at their own tasting room on Swetzer. 

"It's kind of got a cult following now; it's kind of a high demand product. So we release it here at the front door to make sure my town and my locals have the first crack at it," Kenny observes.

The Loomis Basin Brewing Company also handles its own product distribution, eschewing the large corporation route. 

“We still self-distribute, we're one of the lone breweries locally that still own our distribution rights,” he continues. “Everything is in-house. We can control where our product goes and who has it and say 'yes' or 'no.'  Your hands are a little more tied when you're with a distributer.”

According to the California Craft Brewing Association, localized brewing is becoming an exploding force across the Golden State, contributing 6.5 billion into the economy in 2014 alone. The CCBA also states that the economic impact of craft brewing jumped more than 18 percent in that same year.

 Loomis Basin Brewing Company’s coveted concoctions are available bottled and on tap in restaurants, bar, and supermarkets throughout Northern California. 

“We're in the Sacramento Valley, Placer County all the way up to Auburn, Grass Valley, and Nevada City,” Kenny says.  “We're in all the Bel Air's and Rayley's. We're in all the Nugget Markets out to Vacaville and Elk Grove, all the local Whole Foods, all the local Total Wine & More.” 

But it is still the tasting room in Loomis where locals most enjoy grabbing a pint, bottle or growler. Tuesdays through Saturdays also feature various food trucks to pair with the pale ale, IPA, pilsner, as well as live music on Friday and Saturday evenings. And while the Loomis Basin Brewing Company is on a successful track, its focus is still taking care of Placer County’s community.

“We're not in a big hurry, we're trying to grow organically and smart,” Kenny acknowledges. “We're not trying to conquer the West Coast in the first 5 years. I want to be doing the same thing in 20 or 25 years. We’ll grow as we keep expanding, but we want to make sure that before we're in any other state or the Bay Area or anything like that, first and foremost, we're taking care of our locals before we go anywhere else.”