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Rocklin teacher exonerated

Judge declares lack of evidence on allegations
By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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Sierra Elementary School teacher Philip Keck was cleared Aug. 31 when a Placer County Superior Court judge declared all allegations against him were unfounded. 
The accusations toward Keck by accuser/parent Shante Snell “lacked credible evidence,” according to court officials. 
An Aug. 24 Gold Country Media story (“Rocklin Unified School District faces sexual harassment allegations”) described Snell’s accusations against Rocklin teacher Phil Keck which included sexual harassment and harassment toward her son. 
Additional accusations toward Sierra Elementary Principal Hannah Anderson and current Rocklin Unified School District Deputy Superintendent Dr. Kathleen Pon included harassment and intimidation toward Snell and her son. 
During closing remarks at the Aug. 31 civil harassment court hearing, attorney Kate S. Holding representing the school district requested that all restraining orders be immediately dropped. 
Judge Mark S. Curry denied all of Snell’s civil harassment restraining orders for “lack of evidence,” according to court documents. 
On Tuesday, the Rocklin Unified School District released a statement following the court's decision Aug. 31.
“The Rocklin Unified School District was fully confident, that upon hearing the facts, a Placer County Court would confirm the allegations to be totally unfounded,” said district spokeswoman Diana Capra. “The judge (Hon. Judge Mark S. Curry) found there was a total lack of credible evidence against Mr. Keck, Ms. Anderson and Dr. Pon.”   
Snell was disappointed with the court’s decision. 
“Unfortunately, the restraining orders were not granted at the hearing on Friday (Aug. 31) to keep Keck from my interacting with my son,” Snell said. “I’m shocked, saddened and fearful at the judge’s decision.”
The Rocklin Unified School District supported Keck from the beginning of Shell’s allegations. The district initially released a statement to Gold Country Media on Aug. 23, stating all allegations from Snell were “wholly unfounded.”