Partial settlement reached between Rocklin teachers and school district

By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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A tentative salary agreement has finally been reached between the Rocklin Unified School District and the Rocklin Teacher Professional Association (RTPA) on Tuesday, according to Rocklin Unified School District spokeswoman Diana Capra and association President Colleen Crowe.  

As reported by Gold Country Media on Aug. 17 (front page, “Rocklin teachers might strike”) requests Rocklin teachers were holding out on included fair access to special education curriculum, adequate safety training for students, and a 2.5 percent increase in salary and benefits.

This now means a strike is off the table in terms of the 2017/2018 retroactive salary agreements. Both parties agreed to a 1.95-percent increase across all salary schedules and stipends in the contract. That’s according to Crowe.

“In terms of our 2017/18 salaries, it’s settled,” Crowe said.  

The current district proposal regarding the 2018/19 salary contracts includes a 4.65-percent compensation increase with a 4-percent salary increase. Additionally, there would be a 0.35- percent increase to employee health benefits and in addition to the compensation for all and a 0.3 percent in special education stipends.

According to the district, the Rocklin Teachers Professional Association proposal for 2018/2019 includes a total of 14.7 percent compensation increase for 2018-19: 12.5-percent salary increase and $200/month increase (equates to 2.2 percent additional costs) on employee health benefits.

“We are making significant additions to safety and special education language,” Capra said. “We continue to negotiate with RTPA and are committed to reaching a fair agreement for 2018-19.”  According to the Rocklin Teachers Professional Association, those numbers are not agreed on. “We can not yet verify the cost of the $200 per month increase to benefits, because the district hasn’t yet been able to provide a scattergram of its first payroll,”  Crowe said. “(That number) is a dollar amount that needs to be converted to a percentage of the cost of the bargaining unit yet to be verified by RTPA after we receive the data from the district.”

Crowe released a statement to Gold Country Media following the partial settlement: “Although 17/18 is a starting point in the right direction, if we want to attract and retain teachers moving forward, the district is going to have to increase its compensation to members to stay competitive with surrounding districts. In addition, we really need important contract language that identifies the best practices while remaining vital to providing the best education for the students we teach.”  

According to Rocklin Teachers Professional Association officials, a district-utilized group for negotiations says employees should make up 85 percent of the budget. Currently, Rocklin Teacher Professional Association (teachers) represent less than 44 percent of the budget in the school district.

The next meeting between the Rocklin Unified School District and the Rocklin Teachers Professional Association will take place Tuesday at an undisclosed time and location as it will not be open to the public, according to officials on both sides.

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