Quarry Park Adventures finalized at Rocklin council meeting

By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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Rocklin’s City Council meeting Tuesday (Sept. 11) began with an emotional and patriotic moment of silence from Mayor Ken Broadway as council paid respect to victims of 9/11.

The mood quickly shifted from somber to sports as the Rocklin Tri-City Little League team was honored and recognized by Broadway as the city officially recognized the team’s success.

The talented 12-year-old All Star team from Rocklin fell just one win short of being crowned West Regional Champions and being in the Little League World Series.

“With our pledge tonight, we are honored to have a group of some very talented young men with us tonight,” Broadway said. “The Rocklin community is so proud and honored by your accomplishments with tremendous success on and off the field.”

The team is made up of 14 youngsters from the Rocklin area. They first won their respective district (11) and then the NorCal state tournament. The team then played 16 qualifying games to reach the West Regional Finals. Rocklin’s Tri-City Little League team was ranked sixth in the nation.  

“I would like to recognize these young men, along with their team manager, coaches and the board of Tri City for such a wonderful job you do for all the youth in our community,” Broadway said.

The team was presented with a resolution signed by all council members in recognition of the team’s national success. A giant banner was presented to the team to hang their story high for future Little Leaguers.


Quarry Park Adventures

Resolution 20 was a big one Tuesday night as council unanimously authorized the city manager to file a notice of completion for Quarry Park Adventures. Barring state approval on certain elements within the park, it will open on Saturday as recently scheduled. The state inspections “went just fine,” according to Broadway.


Other council news  

A new contentious issue is the West Oaks High density housing project in Rocklin. The parcel in question on Tuesday night’s agenda was a resolution to purchase a sale agreement for a smaller site to build office space for engineers and planners. Councilwoman Jill Gayaldo then addressed a concern.

“What has got us into a little bit confusion here is that the other West Oaks site was originally supposed to be a fire station,” Gayaldo said.

The fire station ended up not being built on that site, which meant that the city could still use that space for public uses only, according to staff. The city sold the land back to the developer.

“So what’s crossing my mind is the other property (2.3 acres) that was returned to the developer adjacent to Kathy Lund Park where the church is built now. If I’m correct, we didn’t get any income for that property when we returned it to the developer,” Gayaldo said.

Staff reluctantly stated, “that’s correct.”

The question now becomes, “Why did the city give the land back to the developer,” according to Gayaldo (citing other instances where the city sold parcels for a large chunk of money to help the city purchase the golf course). Staff said that “there was no strings attached” in that particular case.

“The concern is (with West Oaks) that we’ve had some folks concerned about wanting a piece (of land) that was supposed to be a fire station but we sold it and are now getting income from,” Gayaldo said. “We have this piece that we’re selling and getting income from. But we had a large piece right smack dab right in the middle of the fields that we didn’t get income from.”

Staff said they would gather the report that addressed Gayaldo’s concern this week.  

Either way, the brief and contentious moment might just be the beginning as a Planning Commision meeting is set to request approval of a General Plan amendment to change the plan designation of the project site from recreation/conservation to medium and high density residential, which does not please some residents.   

New body cameras are heading to Rocklin as the city manager will finalize a five-year service agreement with LensLock for 58 body-worn cameras, two docking stations and 25 in-car cameras for the Rocklin Police Department.

“We want to ensure we have the proper equipment for our law enforcement officers and I think this is a step in the right direction,”  Broadway said.