Abandoning principles for a university bad example to set

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It is a sad day when higher education is used as a bribe to convince us to sacrifice our other values and our supervisors fall for it. That’s the way it looks with Drexel University. Everyone likes having another opportunity for our children and grandchildren to stay nearby when they go to college. However, placing a university on farmland, along with all the development that will come with it, harms our health. It means more traffic and more air pollution because residents will have to drive farther, without any good public transit. More sprawl also means more carbon in the atmosphere contributing to climate change. There are hundreds of acres of vacant land along Highway 65 where a university should be, not out in the middle of farmland. If we are willing to abandon our principles to get a university, what kind of an example does that set for our children? Tony Rakocija, Rocklin