Aces high

Roseville teen scores two in disc golf in five days
By: Bill Poindexter
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An ace in disc golf, like a hole in one in the conventional game, is rare. But two aces in one week? Whether it’s with a club or a disc, it’s one of those accomplishments seldom achieved. And Blake Roe, who’s all of 15 years old and this week started his sophomore year at Roseville High School, just recently dealt himself a pair of aces. Interestingly, each happened on the eighth hole, though at different disc golf courses. Even more remarkably, Blake used different methods of release for each ace. “He’s kind of a natural. A lot of my friends are pretty amazed at how good he is for his age,” said Blake’s dad, John Roe, who witnessed both aces. “To get two in a week for sure is rare.” John Roe said he and his sons – Derek, 20, is the longest thrower of the three – play as much as they can, two to four times a week. Blake, who has played for about two years, competes in a Monday night league with Derek at Rocklin Disc Golf Course at Springview Park. The surprise first ace occurred Aug. 1 on the eighth hole at Rocklin. Most are par 3s in the 300-foot range. Blake used the “Pistol” method, throwing with the hand out to the right, to shoot the Innova-brand Champion Wraith disc. It skipped, did “a big bend in the air” and went into the basket, according to his dad. “I wasn’t even thinking about getting an ace,” Blake said. “He didn’t really know what to do,” John Roe said. A group of people playing on No. 4 knew what to do; they rushed over to congratulate Blake and continue the tradition of having witnesses sign the disc with a Sharpie. “They were really just as excited as we were,” John Roe said. Dad, Blake and Blake’s friend, Kyle Monks, were on their way to Bijou Park in South Lake Tahoe five days later – “Just a disc golf excursion for the day,” according to John Roe – and were discussing who would be the first to score a second ace. John, Derek and Blake each had one ace at the time. Blake ended that discussion and started celebrating “a lot more quickly,” his dad said. Standing at the eighth hole again, Blake used a backhand grip this time to fling his Discraft Avenger SS into the basket – on the fly. “The grip depends on the shot. You can make a disc go in different directions,” John Roe said. “He was throwing it that way based on the layout of the hole. With the backhand, the disc has a tendency to go out and to the left. The ‘Pistol’ rotation is different; it has a tendency to go to the right.” Said Blake, “I threw it, and it kept getting closer, and it was hooking to the left. I saw it hit the basket. I turned around to my dad and (Kyle). … It was a good time.” Blake’s best rounds are even par at Rocklin and 2 under at Bijou. John shoots in the even-par range and Derek about 2 under on average. But Blake has the advantage now, an extra ace up his sleeve. Bill Poindexter can be reached at