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Another View: City should dream big

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Imagine … A family from the Bay Area, or communities north or south of us, decide they want to spend a weekend doing something different, but they don’t want to travel a long distance. They check descriptions of all the quaint Sierra foothill communities and then note that Rocklin has, in addition to its historic downtown, an outdoor quarry museum where they can see how granite was mined and used to build the state capitol and other iconic buildings in San Francisco.
They arrive in Rocklin and walk through the quaint Quarry Village shops and dine in the restaurants. They spend the night in one of the new bed and breakfasts and the next day decide to swim and boat in nearby Quinn Quarry. The adventurous family members try the exciting zip line in the Big Gun Quarry. Perhaps that evening there is a moonlit music event in that quarry and the atmosphere and acoustics are magical. Maybe they visit the Roundhouse restaurants the next day and sit at one of the outdoor cafes as the children enjoy the miniature train ride or climb all over the old locomotive in the center of the round “square.”
Imagine … Schools from around Northern California conduct field trips to learn about the granite mining history of Rocklin and the state. They’ve come to look deep into the quarry and stand under the huge sheds at the Outdoor Mining Museum. They want to see the enormous saws that cut huge granite slabs. The size of everything is awesome. The indoor History Museum is just across the street, where they can explore the artifacts of daily life and photos of the people who built the town, worked in the quarries and were part of its early history.
After the tour, the children walk to Heritage Park, where they picnic in the shade of the oak trees and end the day tired, but happily shopping for souvenirs or buying ice cream and candy in the shops of Quarry Village.
Imagine … Residents going to downtown Rocklin for dinner at one of the charming restaurants in that area. There’s no need to drive to Roseville or Sacramento to find music and entertainment – we have it here. Front Street Fridays are a major draw for families, and so are the unique recreational opportunities in Rocklin.
It’s all possible and it can happen if there is a will by our citizens. Let the city know that you want to see a vision like this become a reality.
Janet Dunlap, retired, is a Rocklin resident and volunteer for the Rocklin Historical Society.