Artists outline charity guidelines

‘Appeals for Art’ website live
By: Krissi Khokhobashvili, Placer Herald and Press Tribune editor
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Two artists have teamed up to create a website that will help charities and artists through the often complicated process of donating art.

“Appeals for Art” is a free, downloadable document created by Ann Ranlett of Newcastle and Gayle Rapport-Weiland. Both, like many artists, have donated many works over the years for various charities, and have both run into situations where the Appeals for Art guidelines could have come in handy.

“”It’s nothing new under the sun,” Ranlett said, “but it’s our spin on it, and our compilation of our experiences to help people.”

The guidelines offer rules of thumb for charities to attract artists and keep them coming back, from seemingly simple guidelines like inviting the artists to the event and always spelling his or her name correctly on promotional materials to more complex advice, like considering using an experience art auctioneer to describe the pieces during a live art auction.

“It addresses, for organizations, initial talks about working with artists, and their initial contacts, interactions, what can be done at events, understanding artists themselves, follow up and possible perks,” Rappaport-Weiland said.

There’s also advice for artists, including having biographies available, requesting donation receipts and thoroughly researching the charity making the request for art.

“I won’t donate to an organization that I don’t feel does something I support,” said Ranlett, a mixed-media artists who specializes in scratch-art of animals. Much of her charity work is for organizations that help animals.

The project took years, with both artists working many hours and late nights brainstorming ideas from their various experiences and consulting artists and other experts in proofreading and offering their own ideas for the project. “Appeals for Art” is a free download; Rappaport-Weiland and Ranlett are also available for hire as consultants.

“We both have a gift, and this is a way to share our gift and create a financial windfall for charities that are so in need right now,” said Rappaport-Weiland, who has donated her acrylic, watercolor and mixed-media works to numerous charities.

Both artists understand that art is a creative outlet, it’s also a business. Rappaport-Weiland teaches a class, “The Business of Art,” at Sierra College.

To celebrate the launch of “Appeals for Art,” Rappaport-Weiland and Ranlett will host a party next week at K Street Collective in Sacramento, where they will discuss the project and the many ways artists and charities can work together to make donating art a win-win situation.

“Our goal is to empower you,” Rappaport-Weiland said. “We can give you the information, we can email it, you can Google it, you can read it, but my sole thing is, unless you’re empowered and unless you take action, nothing happens. And we walk the walk.”




“Appeals for Art” launch party

What: Author introduction, 6:30 p.m.; 25 signed booklets; gift basket raffle; refreshments; art

When: 5-9 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 15

Where: K Street Collective, 2319 K St., Suite E, Sacramento

More information, and the downloadable “Appeals for Art” document, is at