Ask the DMV: You can protest the denial of your driving privilege

By: George Valverde, director, California Department of Motor Vehicles
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Q: I recently received a notice from the California Department of Motor Vehicles advising me that there is intent to take action against my driving privilege. Am I able to contest it? A: These notices are issued for numerous reasons. If the notice states that you have the right to a hearing, you have 10 days after receiving the notice to schedule one. At the hearing, you will be informed of the legal grounds for the action, and have the opportunity to review and challenge the evidence of the department, by presenting your own evidence, witnesses and testimony to persuade the department to modify or withdraw the action. For more information about your rights for the hearing, visit the DMV website at Click on the Driver License tab, then the Drive Safety Information link, then Driver Safety Administrative Hearing. Q: I heard that the DMV now has an iPhone application. What does the application do? A: The application is called “DMV NOW.” With this application, in conjunction with an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch GPS capabilities, you will be able to locate nearby DMV offices, receive alerts from the DMV informing you about updates on new laws and regulations and take sample driving tests and receive instant results. The application also offers educational driving videos on topics such as motorcycle skills, rules of the road, and sharing the road. You can learn more about this new application by viewing the instructional video on the DMV website. For more information or to view the instructional video about the “DMV NOW” application, visit the DMV website at, and click on iPhone Application link at the bottom left corner. Q: I’ve heard about the DMV’s Senior Ombudsmen Program and I think my grandfather would benefit. What exactly is it and how can he get involved? A: The Senior Ombudsmen Program’s primary function is to represent the interest of public safety for all Californians with a special interest in addressing the concerns of senior drivers. The program exists to ensure all senior drivers are knowledgeable on driver laws and regulations, and that they are treated fairly and with dignity and the respect they deserve. The program promotes driver safety in California and provides assistance in individual cases and in outreach seminars of virtually any size. There are four locations throughout California in which your grandfather can attend, locally that is: · Sacramento/Northern California (916) 657-6464 For more information on how the DMV Senior Ombudsmen can assist you, visit the DMV website at, and click on the Senior link under the Home tab, then Senior Ombudsmen Program. George Valverde is the director of the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Do you have questions about general driving related requirements like registration or insurance? Are you unclear about laws and restrictions related to driving? The California DMV has answers at And now, you can submit any DMV-related questions at