Bank of America helps veterans

‘Express Your Thanks’ garners support
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Bank of America has launched a campaign that will raise up to $250,000 for Wounded Warrior Project. Titled “Express Your Thanks,” the campaign asks consumers, employees and sports fans to make simple gestures of gratitude that will each generate a $1 donation from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation. “Express Your Thanks” launched Sept. 11 and will continue until Veterans Day.

“I believe the Wounded Warrior Project is an extremely important program for our troops on so many levels,” said Jason Malone, a Rocklin resident who served in the Marine Corps from 1989-1993 and now works at Bank of America. “For those unfortunate service men and women who have come home from harm’s way wounded and possibly disabled, we need to give back to them what they have sacrificed for us.”

Malone added that while he was lucky enough to return from Desert Storm uninjured, he believes it’s important to provide troops with physical, mental and moral support after they come home from combat.

“Most people would not be able to imagine what life would be like after dealing with combat,” he said. “It is hard enough getting through life on our own two feet – imagine what it might be like on one.”

The centerpiece of the campaign is a website that will collect images and messages of thanks to service members and veterans. To participate, individuals can take a photo or write a message and share it on Alternatively, they can upload a picture via Instagram or Twitter and tag it #troopthanks. The images uploaded to the website will be turned into a patriotic digital mosaic.

For each of these actions, the Bank of America Charitable Foundation will donate $1 to support economic empowerment programs run by WWP. This includes Warriors to Work, which helps wounded veterans transition back into the civilian workforce by providing career counseling services and job placement assistance.

“We are always looking to build on our 90-year history of support for the military through philanthropic endeavors, recruitment and hiring practices, or specialized banking services,” said Jeff Cathey, senior military affairs executive at Bank of America. “The programs we are putting in place this fall allow our customers and employees, or anyone for that matter, to deliver heartfelt messages of thanks and meaningfully support service members and veterans through WWP.”

“America’s Wounded Warriors, service members and veterans are true heroes, and it’s important for all of us to support them in any way we can,” said Adam Silva, chief development officer, WWP. “Even a small gesture, such as a photo featuring an expression of thanks or a few words of gratitude, can be significant. We appreciate Bank of America’s ongoing partnership, and look forward to putting their contribution to good use.”

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