Bayside Church plans “Serve Day”

12,000 people to volunteer at 120 projects.
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For one weekend, people who regularly attend any one of Bayside Church’s four campuses will not be going to church. Instead, they will be serving their neighbors.

On Oct. 6 and 7, as many as 12,000 congregants will roll up their sleeves as part of the church’s largest-ever community service event, “Serve Day.” Participants from Bayside’s Roseville, Lincoln, Folsom and mid town campuses will paint, clean, build and generally help thousands in need across the greater Sacramento region.

“In scripture, Jesus boiled down the commandments to loving God and loving your neighbor,” said Ray Johnston, senior pastor at Bayside Church. “We meet every week as part of loving God and we certainly have loved our neighbor in various ways before, but we’ve never shut our doors so we can unleash the love of God and 12,000 people on our neighbors for an entire weekend.”

The church is seeing the effects the economy is having on the community and believes it can make a difference.

“The truth is, when economic conditions get worse, it tends to hurt the people who are already hurting,” Johnston said. “Anyone can say they care about the community, but it rarely means much unless it’s backed up with action. We don’t want to just go to church, we want to ‘do’ church.”

Volunteers will sign up for the more than 120 community projects, including the “world's largest garage sale,” designed to raise $100,000 for local charities; homeless care and outreach; free health and dental clinics; and more. Project managers at each site will utilize volunteers with a wide range of skills including construction, gardening, sorting and more. Many are family-friendly, allowing for large groups of all ages or families to serve.

Community service is nothing new for Bayside. Earlier this year, Bayside held a campaign called “Whatever it Takes,” and raised $2 million for local charities.

Bayside Church began in the Roseville/Granite Bay area in 1995. Since then, it has helped seed several churches in the area and now consists of four campuses in Roseville, Folsom, Lincoln and mid-town.

For more information, or to donate items, visit or call 791-1244.