Become a character in Rocklin author's next novel

Joni Hilton hosts naming contest for upcoming book
By: Amanda Calzada, Placer Herald correspondent
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Rocklin readers now have the opportunity to influence the character in the next novel of award-winning author Joni Hilton.

“I have more ideas in a file cabinet than I will ever get to,” said Hilton, a Rocklin resident of nine years who is holding a contest to name a character in her next novel after someone who posts a review on one of her three 2012 published novels – “Jungle,” “Pinholes Into Heaven” or “Sisters in the Mix.”

Although Hilton’s husband suggested the idea of the contest a month ago, she is administering the contest all by herself as a means to get the word out about her novels.
The contest is open to Rocklin residents and nonresidents alike, although Hilton thinks it would be exciting to meet the winner of the contest if he or she lives in Rocklin. Each review posted per website or per book counts as one entry. Participants may post reviews on the different sites to increase their chances in the drawing.
She thinks readers will enjoy the novels, which range from a literary novel for adults to a humorous “chick-lit” story to action and romance adventure in “Jungle,” a novel she says will appeal to “Twilight” fans even though it does not have vampires.
“I don’t read many books that aren’t fantastic or magical in some way, but this book took me to another world in a different way,” reader Christy Dorrity said in an Amazon review. “Hilton really knows her stuff and she includes so many facts about island living, customs, plants and animals. It was fascinating. I recommend ‘Jungle’ for the sheer fun of escaping to an undiscovered island for romance and adventure.”
Each novel is available on Kindle and as a paperback. Although Hilton has written 20 books, the three that pertain to the contest are not only her first Kindle books, but her first works where she opted to manage all of the writing and editing herself.
Entries will close Feb. 28 and the winner will be announced March 1, said Hilton, who writes at least one book annually and has sold more than 100,000 books and tapes in her career.
Outside of her career as an author, the former model and Miss California writes for “Music and The Spoken Word” for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and serves as a columnist for Meridian magazine.
Since her first book was published in 1982, half of her novels, she said, are for the Mormon market while the other half are for the general public.
Writing is “such a part” of her, said the author who holds a master of fine arts degree in professional writing from the University of Southern California.
When she isn’t writing, the founder and former CEO of the Holy Cow organic line of cleaning products enjoys cooking, gardening and hosting her call-in relationship advice radio show on AM 1380 at 9 a.m. Saturdays.
As far as Hilton’s next novel, she said she does not have a particular unnamed character in mind, as she wants to wait until she knows the name of the winner to assign it to a character.
She does, however, have a more concrete idea of the plot of the novel.
“I’m keeping it a secret, but it’s about an orphan; I’ll tell you that,” she said.
Those interested in the contest can follow Hilton on Twitter @jonihilton or “like” her on Faceboo