Best if all facts are known

Reader Input
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In order to balance the information recently proffered on Nov 5 &12: Western Sierra Collegiate Academy is a long planned “build-out” of Rocklin Academy charter school. These charter schools are provided for by Prop 39 passed in 2000 with a 53 percent to 46 percent margin by voters in this state. The Prop’s wording and meaning are specific (Sect 6b). Charter schools may use Prop 39 to enforce facility needs. RUSD has steadfastly refused to provide prescribed Prop 39 accommodations. RA and WSCA were forced by RUSD to file the $1.4 million claim in order to preserve its position within Prop 39. Rental of outside facilities was necessary because of RUSD’s intransigence. WSCA and RA were required by RUSD to pull most of their students from outside the district. This is done to protect RUSD’s Average Daily Attendance revenue from the state. The ADA comes from a 1976 Supreme Court ruling leveling the funding field for all districts in the State. Prop 39 requires 80 in-district students be identified who are “meaningfully interested in enrolling….” The 80 student requirement has been waived by County Superior courts. It is best if all facts are known. Bill Whitney, Rocklin