Big-league trainer helping Rocklin athletes

Plyometrics owner has worked with big names
By: Amanda Calzada, Placer Herald correspondent
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Where: 2315 Sunset Blvd., Rocklin

Info: Dave Warner, (916) 396-2026


Everyone can be 10 times quicker and faster, according to Dave Warner, who shares the secrets of fitness and athletic training through plyometrics with Rocklin and surrounding community in his business, Plyometrics.

“This is 100 percent custom fit training,” Warner said inside his advanced athletic training facility, dedicated to the practice of athletic training through explosiveness and speed. The exercises focus on muscles exerting the greatest force possible in as little time as possible while increasing speed and power. The idea is for the muscle to transition from extension to contraction.

Warner, who says his business is unique from others, adds that his practices do not deviate from those of Olympic and professional athletes since he is simply “copying” the best in the world. And he knows, since he said he was not doing the proper practices to become a professional athlete when he was younger. It wasn’t until the end of his college career that he learned about plyometrics after seeing a demonstration.

Fresh off the football fields of the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque, the college graduate started passing out flyers about his plyometrics practice 20 years ago, when he also trained five children on Taylor Road, three of whom earned full-ride athletic scholarships.

The success of Warner’s first clients coupled with word of mouth have helped him succeed in his business as it relocated throughout Placer County. Originally, Warner held his location in Loomis, and then relocated to California Family Fitness on Warren Drive followed by Sierra Meadows before securing his current location on Sunset Boulevard four years ago.

Warner likes the proximity of his current location that allows for him to reach those in Rocklin and outside the city border.

And while 80 percent of his clients are from Rocklin, athletes from Auburn and Colfax also checking into the Sunset Boulevard facility.

Since his plyometrics business establishment, Warner said he’s noticed sport-specific gyms popping up in the area. He prides himself on his practice of custom-designed workouts for each athlete, which other locations do not do, he said.

“I pride myself on doing what’s right for the athlete,” he said, explaining that even two athletes in the same sport require a different workout as different individuals.

Despite the small size of the gym, Warner maintains between 125 and 175 clients depending on the time of the year and sports season, as he is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

“You could see the confidence on their faces as they started to learn the new techniques,” said Whitney High school girls basketball coach Andy Carter, who has referred his athletes to Warner’s program.

Carter said he started the program with his daughter, who has gained 5 inches in her vertical jump since she began training in August 2012.

Anyone, from the 40-year-old dad to the 10-year-old Little Leaguer, can benefit from plyometrics, he said. About 2 percent of Warner’s clients walk into his facility to meet weight-loss and fitness goals.

Over the years, Waren has trained numerous professionals in the NBA, such as Donny McGuire, Michael Gelabale, Bonny Tufiaf and MLB player Mark McLemore. He also trained the first woman to ever “dunk” in the WNBA, Michelle Snow, as well as athletes who play professionally overseas. One of his local successes, Joe Welsch, played professional rugby in 2008 and 2009. Elite athletes he has trained from the local area include Adam Jennings from Granite Bay, who was drafted into the Atlanta Falcons, Mark McIamore from Del Oro High School, who was drafted onto the Houston Astros roster, and Scott Roth of Granite Bay, who was a two-time state champion pole vaulter.

“My son loves training with Dave. It’s hard work, but worth it. He stresses that if any exercise brings any discomfort that you stop that particular exercise immediately,” said one woman who asked to remain anonymous due to privacy issues since her husband is a retired Major League Baseball player residing in Rocklin.

The woman added that her son has become “more agile” in baseball and she herself also has benefited from trying plyometrics.

Plyometrics is open six days a week and will be open seven days a week come May. Since the website is currently under reconstruction and remodeling, Warner says those interested should call his cellphone at (916) 396-2026 to make an appointment.

He offers the first session at no cost. Additionally, he holds a “money-back” guarantee if someone is not satisfied with the program and process, even though he said people interested have “nothing” to lose.

“If you really have goals you want to reach, this is the training you have to do,” he said.