Breen kids learn to keep water clean

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Rocklin fifth-graders are learning the importance of keeping the water clean. At Breen Elementary School, three fifth-grade classes have come together for an “only water down the drain” campaign. Within the last couple months, the students have learned the dos and don’ts of water through their service learning project. It coincides with their science lessons where they learn about the water cycle and elements. Each of the approximately 90 students have designed a colorful ad campaign that shares ways the public can do their part. Using biodegratable soap, not littering or using harsh chemicals are some of the ideas the fifth-graders had. Three students’ campaigns have been chosen as the winners and will be shown in The Placer Herald. The first winner is announced it today’s issue. The next two will be announced in the upcoming issues. The project came about when fifth-grade teacher Linda Wampler said she attended a meeting where the idea came about in regards to public service learning announcements. As the editor of the school’s newspaper, she immediately thought of print media. “To communicate to the community was a good idea,” she said. The students visited the Roseville Utility Exploration Center where they learned about the water cycle and watersheds. Through a visit by Dara Dungworth, associate planner/ stormwater coordinator with the city’s planning division, students also learned about the city’s adopt a drain program. The program lets the public adopt city storm drain inlets and monitor them for debris such as leaves and litter. If you’re interested in adopting an inlet or want more information on the project, contact Dara Dungworth or Lydia Sizelove at 625-5500. ~Lauren Gibbs