Caliguire’s probation might be revoked

By: Brad Smith -- The Press Tribune
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Placer County deputy and bailiff John Caliguire – who was arrested in March for allegedly being intoxicated on duty – might have his probation revoked. Rocklin police on arrested Caliguire on a DUI charge Nov. 8, 2009. On Feb. 26 of this year, Caliguire was convicted of a DUI and placed on three years informal probation and sentenced to 45 days in jail. On March 24, Caliguire was allegedly intoxicated when he showed up for work at the Bill Santucci Justice Center. He was arrested and booked into county jail. Caliguire, accompanied by his attorney Thomas Leupp, appeared in a Roseville courtroom Tuesday for a pretrial conference to determine his probation status. Judge Angus Saint-Evens, a visiting judge from Glenn County, presided. Deputy District Attorney Clark Gehlbach was also present. Leupp told the judge that Caliguire had just completed his jail sentence and was attending DUI classes and counseling. He then requested a hearing contesting the prosecution’s claims that his client violated his probation. Saint-Evens agreed and told Caliguire that he must now attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. In addition, Caliguire cannot drink alcohol, avoid going to places such as bars and liquor stores and obey other conditions of his probation. “Yes, sir,” Caliguire said. “I will.” Saint-Evens set the hearing for 1:30 p.m. on June 23 in Department 44. Gehlbach said the June 23 hearing will be routine. “Essentially, the D.A.’s Office must present its evidence proving that Mr. Caliguire violated the terms of his probation,” he said. “Once that matter is resolved, we’ll go forward from there.” Brad Smith can be reached at