Chamber board sets direction for 2011

Chamber View
By: David Butler, Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce
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As 2010 came to a close, the volunteer leaders of the Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce met in late November to develop a 2011 Work Plan for the board and the chamber, designed to help position the city of Rocklin and the chamber for the next level of success. With new leadership on the council and at the city manager level, Rocklin has the opportunity to reposition itself, leveraging its strengths to provide the community and local businesses with a competitive edge in a very competitive marketplace. At the same time, the Rocklin Chamber must take advantage of the progress we’ve made over the last several years and “up our game” to strengthen our members, the community and the city. Compiling feedback from chamber surveys, committee work, the 2009 and 2010 Business Walks and input from board members themselves, the board of directors developed a plan of action divided into five general areas: Economic Development, Member Success, Community Prosperity, Cultivating Leadership, and Chamber Sustainability. Individual board members each volunteered to lead committees and strategic initiatives to advance the chamber’s objectives in these areas. Below is an outline of each strategic segment, identifying an overarching goal and selected action steps: Economic Development Advance the economic prosperity of members, local businesses and the city of Rocklin: •Partner with the city to develop an economic development strategy based on Rocklin’s competitive strengths. • Organize a one-day Study Mission to Folsom for Rocklin’s leaders to learn from our counterparts in a par city in the Capital Region. • Host a workshop with the Sacramento Urban Land Institute to showcase development opportunities in downtown Rocklin. • Inform State of the City program to showcase Rocklin’s economic development opportunities. • Identify Rocklin’s competitive edge in K-12 and post secondary education as an economic development advantage. Membership Success Identify and meet chamber members’ top priorities: • Form Membership Committee. • Survey members and conduct focus groups to identify priority benefits and services. • Package and promote member benefits and services. • Support chamber membership goals. Community Prosperity Position the chamber as a key contributor to community success: • Host a “City Walk” to identify a set of community priorities that the chamber could advance. • Convene a meeting of non-profit organizations serving the Rocklin community, identifying common objectives and opportunities. • Showcase ways chamber member businesses support community and civic activities. Cultivating Leadership Cultivate a pipeline for civic leadership in Rocklin and Placer County: • Encourage Leadership Rocklin graduates to apply for openings on local boards and commissions. • Cultivate stronger relationships with local elected officials. • Look ahead to 2012 elections for city council, Placer County Supervisor and other positions. Chamber Sustainability Develop and manage a thriving, sustainable organization and culture: • Develop a financial strategy for cash reserves and strategic investment. • Consider investment in website improvements and technology. • Develop and solidify committee structure and leadership succession. • Move strategic planning to mid-year to develop subsequent calendar year’s business plan. Led by a talented team of volunteer leaders and staff that possess significant business and policy experience, the chamber is ready to move forward in developing and implementing a thoughtful and effective plan to accomplish the chamber’s policy, program and organizational objectives. We invite you to join us and we look forward to a successful 2011! David Butler is Board Chair of the Rocklin Area Chamber and CEO of Linking Education and Economic Development. Contact him at