Is city council part of the problem?

Reader Input
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Almost everyone would agree that the federal government and state of California are broke so how is our city council helping or hurting the situation? First, they voted to spike the former city manager’s salary by allowing his phone and car expenses to be added to his salary during his last year, thereby increasing his pension. Second, they voted to remodel the old City Hall. But wait, we were told it did not cost the city council anything because it came from a grant – free money, right! Did you notice they did not say no cost to the taxpayer? What they were really saying was that the city council usually gets money from your front pocket but this time the federal government took money from your back pocket and gave it to the city, hoping you didn’t notice. Third, we find that the city council locks in $3.6 million of redevelopment grants before the state can take it back. Never mind the state is broke and we are being asked to extend tax increases for five more years; don’t think about being part of the solution – just keep spending. Let someone else worry about cutting the budget. To tell you the truth I think the California voters deserve all the bad things that are headed our way. After all, we keep electing these people. They may be nice neighbors but they don’t know how to live within a budget. Carl Ahlberg, Rocklin