Clover Valley should be preserved, not built over

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To anyone out there wondering about the status of Clover Valley, I just wanted to say that I really didn’t know much about it except that it was rich in Indian history. I’ve ridden my bike into the valley a couple of times and I can tell you that just being there was an experience like no other. I felt as if I was in another time and place. Aside from its picturesque serenity, you can see a number of locations where local Indians must have dwelled. There are dozens of grinding stones and areas that were inhabited by these original settlers. The city of Roseville has its representation of the Maidu Indians at the Maidu Cultural Center. I’ve been to the cultural center and can say that it doesn’t compare to what we have in our own backyard. It’s an absolute gem and to think that developers might someday soon go into the valley and destroy it is incomprehensible. Do we really need more houses? I know the developers think we do. Business is business right? Wrong. Let’s turn this property into a historical park rather than one more neighborhood. Let’s have something that Rocklin can enjoy and be proud of as part of its history and heritage. Dave Surratt, Rocklin