Clown visit to library, anything but quiet

By: Alex Congrove, Special to The Placer Herald
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Many people think of libraries as quiet places. But last week a clown came to the Rocklin Library causing the eruption of lots of laughter and loud cheering.
David Magidson performed his act as Boswick the Clown at the Rocklin Community Center (next door to the library) last week to dozens of children and parents alike.
“Before (today) my daughter was scared of clowns. But during the show she was laughing, or had her jaw-dropped because of some of the magic stuff,” said parent Jana Tan Pas who attended the June 24 performance.
As part of the show, Magidson shouted, “Boswick the Clown” with an open-armed bow before cheerleading “B-O-S-W-I-C-K” by pointing to the letters of his laminated sign. But the show didn’t officially begin until he selected one of the many eager volunteer ringmasters to lead another call, this time “Start the Circus.”
Each of Magidson’s acts involved audience members, in which the children became jugglers, acrobats and magicians.
For the finale, Magidson performed a mind-bending act involving balloons inside each other, and a magic wand that became smaller like a Russian doll.
Throughout the show, Boswick the Clown’s jokes evince an attention to age-gap bridging humor. A discreet pop-culture reference for the parents was laced in between Popsicle stick jokes about sneezing. At one point, a child abruptly left, prompting Boswick to ask aloud “Is it political?”
Parent Denise Lignell said some of the jokes flew “over the kids’ heads and landed in our laps.”
Magidson’s multitalented performance style has its roots in his theater degree from Emerson University and crown of The World’s Fastest Balloon Maker by the International Juggling Association. He honed his talent at the Ringling Brothers Clown College in Venice, Fla., followed by a compensatory stint touring.
He then started a troupe named “The Kloons” with fellow graduates. Even earlier, Magidson said he displayed a fascination with clowns and mimes, which fed from a love of pure physical comedy. Now he works strictly as a professional clown performing for community events, company picnics, malls, birthday parties – and his main venue – more than 100 library shows a year, that he performs at mostly in the summer.
Magidson said he’s “really passionate about getting kids into libraries” because his mother used to take him to story time at the local library, a tradition he carried on with his two sons, who are 11 and 15.

Rocklin Library Summer Program
What: Last week’s event is part of the Rocklin Library’s summer program to introduce reading to kids through a creative means.
Why: Library Program Director Shari Dearing said the primary goal is during “vacation time to get kids into reading without homework.”
What’s next: Other scheduled summer events include July 8 with Ventriloquist Steve Chaney and Cornelius Crowe and the July 22 event will feature hometown Magician Donny Crandell.