Commercial development requires people, cars

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In a seemingly desperate effort to find an issue to justify a change in the city council, some state that “Rocklin citizens will feel good when they see dirt being turned in the downtown core.” This is true, but it also reveals their complete lack of understanding of how commercial development occurs. Commercial development requires people. In suburbs this usually means people arriving by car. Private money is only going to be risked in such ventures where lots of people are concentrated. That is why the freeway interchanges along Highways 65 and 80 are the natural targets of early commercial development, and why downtown Rocklin and Roseville are not. Through its redevelopment agency our council has supported many prudent improvements of the downtown core. Streets have been widened to improve traffic flow and all the public infrastructure (lights, storm drains, sidewalks, etc.) have been upgraded. Downtown Rocklin will develop when the population increases and when it is time. The only way that this process can be accelerated is through the use of public money (tax dollars) for private enterprise, or by reducing the standards for development. I don’t think Rocklin residents would be happy with either of those choices. Frankly, I have come to appreciate the 70 years of experience our current city council brings to the job. After all, you don’t get chosen by Family Circle Magazine as one of the top 10 places in the country to live by ignoring the wisdom that comes from such experience. Vote for Hill, Magnuson and Storey in November. Jerry Mitchell, Rocklin