Common sense is lacking

Letter to the editor
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After reading the article about the Bored of Supervisors approving 5 percent raises for already grossly overpaid county executives, I understand why their meetings are referred to as the Tuesday Morning Gong Show. Once again, the BOS demonstrates their lack of business acumen, common sense, fiscal irresponsibility and disdain for the taxpayer. The usual copout is the contracts that have been negotiated. Who signed the contracts? The Bored of Supervisors. Why don’t they cancel the contracts like the government did to the bondholders of Chrysler and General Motors bonds? The BOS should be focused on reducing the bloated overstaffed county payroll not hiring psychiatrists at $322,000 per year. No wonder the government is broke. They manage money about as well as 12-year-old in a candy store with dad’s credit card. Can we elect some responsible adults as Supervisors or do we have to continue with this cadre of incompetent boobs? Carl E. Hass, Rocklin