Community events are more than just activities

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I attended the Rocklin City Council meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 27 to hear about the staff proposal canceling the 2009 Rocklin Jubilee due to the city’s budget crisis. It took 10 minutes for the recreation director to propose the cancellation, followed by four community supporters to ask for a scaled down Jubilee to keep the spirit alive and another five minutes for the Rocklin City Council to unanimously approve the cancellation. I understand that this was a hard decision, but what I don’t understand is that the idea of a scaled down Jubilee was not entertained. The citizens of Rocklin are affected by the downturn just as much as the rest of the country and we look to our elected officials to lead us by making the best decisions for our businesses, as well as our citizens. Community events are much more than just activities – they are places for neighbors to celebrate, discuss, enjoy life and even support local businesses. Rocklin does not have a central downtown for impromptu gatherings – community events such as the Jubilee offer this. As we contemplate future community events for Rocklin, I hope that we will understand that these gatherings are more than just an activity – they can provide a place for education, connection, entertainment, build community identity – and yes, even stimulate our local economy. Since the cancellation has already been voted on, I hope that our community will take time during the next year and re-invent a gathering similar to the Jubilee, but one that will reflect the new Rocklin of today – diverse and committed to our community. Kate Hay, Rocklin