Competitive salaries = competent teachers

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As a teacher in the Rocklin Unified School District I am making a plea to our school board members and superintendent to make a fair offer to the teachers. We are simply asking for our cost of living allowance for the school year 2007-08. The district has held this money for more than a year while negotiations with the teacher bargaining team have failed. A COLA is not the same as our step and column increase, which the district has made reference to causing confusion among community members. As we all know, the cost of living has increased drastically over the last two years. We, like others need this allowance in order to make our monthly expenses. Keeping our salaries competitive is what allows RUSD to employ quality teachers. This ultimately affects our children and their education. It is the district’s responsibility to negotiate a fair retroactive COLA for 2007-08. Other districts in our area don’t seem to have a problem paying their teachers what they are worth. Why can’t RUSD do so? Kim Menacho, Rocklin