Congress should be paid by performance

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How do you folks in government expect us poor taxpayers to have any confidence in your decision-making skills when we taxpayers continue to get screwed time after time due to governmental stupidity or lack of oversight? First it’s the mortgage, bank, Fannie, Freddie meltdown to the tune of trillions of dollars. Now we hear that the SEC screwed up in its oversight of Mr. Madoff and his “Ponzi” type hedge fund. Why are we paying you? Are you too busy playing games with lobbyists and raising money for your next campaign? You sure as heck aren’t looking after the well being of the taxpayers. If there is anybody in this country that deserves to lose his or her jobs, it’s Congress. If you had a pay for performance type of incentive system, you’d all owe the taxpayers money because the performance of Congress doesn’t even deserve the miserable 20 percent approval rating it has. Congress has been jumping all over the big three executives, but the execs are doing a better job than Congress. They haven’t lost a trillion dollars (and still climbing) and even their poor plans for their company’s future are better than Congress’ for this country. Don Perera, Rocklin