Consurgo Apparel gaining global popularity

Designer encourages clients to rise up
By: Amanda Calzada, Placer Herald Correspondent
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Good to Know

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Breaking away from the conformist courses of couture, Consurgo Apparel clothes people in more than just cotton – the confidence to model their own credence.

“For me, I felt like I was called to make the business. I want to encourage people to strive and break out to be different,” said Brittney Borowski, creator of Consurgo Apparel, who said she wanted to make faith-based Christian apparel to encourage other people to “break out and rise up for this world.”

Borowski designs and refines her images in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop before sending them to to transform a digital image into a tangible article of clothing.

The idea came to her about a year ago, when numerous people told her they wanted to see her photography on shirts. Albeit initially hesitant about the looks of the final products, the results delighted her, as they were “perfect.”

The 18-year-old Sierra College student invested her own money in the apparel business after numerous requests from her Tumblr followers to print her photography on clothing.

Consurgo, meaning “to rise” in Latin, is also the name of Borowski’s Tumblr blog that showcases her photography and expresses her religious passion. Borowski, who authors three active blogs, said her 60,000 Tumblr followers make for her primary marketing audience.

As a Rocklin High School student, the blogs generated $1,000 per month through Google Ad Sense – 70 percent of the funds were consistently donated to a charity of her followers’ choice each month.

Outside of Bible verses, the entrepreneur derives her inspiration from songs and “God in general.”

Her first items display her signature phrase, “Faith can move mountains.”

“I think of things all the time,” said Borowski, who learns the logistics of entrepreneurship from her father, Olaf Borowski, who teaches his daughter that running a business not only consists of the “creative part.”

“I would encourage other parents to do the same thing with their children when they have a dream or opportunity,” said Olaf, who oversees the business in terms of  laws, regulations, taxes and inventory.

Since the entity’s conception, half of the inventory already belongs in others’ closets, including people residing in Texas, Chicago, the East Coast, England and the Philippines. So far, the designer knows only two of her customers personally.

Although her apparel is most fitting to teenagers and young adults, Borowski thinks it is important for everyone to be bold on a personal level.

 “People can wear it even if they aren’t Christian,” said Borowski, who said the quotes, although Biblical, carry significance in a variety of contexts.

Borowski plans to market “crewneck” style sweatshirts in January and tank tops during the summer. The different designs are already lined up.