Cost savings are deceptive

Reader Input
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The details of the Rocklin city manager retirement package are a classic case study in the outrageous disparity, which exists between public pensions and private employee retirement (Placer Herald, April 1). Mr. (Carlos) Urrutia’s monthly pension is reported to be $15,463.62 with no monthly contribution required. In stark contrast, the average American retired on Social Security receives about $800 monthly. A highly paid private employee may earn a maximum benefit of $2,346 per month after making a substantial monthly contribution for life. Thus, Mr. Urrutia’s career is judged to be worth in retirement almost seven times that of a highly paid private employee and 20 times that of an average private citizen with no monthly contribution on his part. Between pension and “part-time” salary, Mr. Urrutia is apparently now being paid approximately $400,000 ($300,000) annually. Arguments that this salary is needed to retain a professional city administrator are beyond incompetent. Moreover, statements by Rocklin City Council members that this represents cost saving are deceptive. All that has been achieved is to transform short-term savings for the city of Rocklin into long-term costs in the state pension system and to transfer costs from Rocklin citizens to all California citizens. Linda Martin, Auburn