Council needs to avoid past mistakes

Reader Input
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It is no surprise to me that (one member) of the city council is not seeking re-election, but it is a surprise that there are so many people trying to replace them, considering that the winners will be stepping into a very tough situation. Rocklin has not been immune to bad decisions by an elected city council, so maybe new blood can avoid mistakes of the past. Like spending $1.2 million tax dollars on a faux granite entry to our city off (Interstate) 80 that immediately deadends at Rocklin Road miles from downtown would be if we had one. Also, like saddling us with an overpaid city manager and his exorbitant ($180,203) yearly pension. Hopefully the new city council will back off on the proposal to spend $100,000 to help downtown businesses upgrade their facades. This would be a total waste of money for all concerned because downtown Rocklin will never be a viable entity until the ugly Big Gun building is gone and until the many vacant lots and old houses are replaced with restaurants and shops. Everyone knows that the hot place to go is west Rocklin where everything is new – homes, restaurants and shops. I have lived in many cities, large and small, but this is the first one without a bonafide downtown. So, let’s hold off giving our future city council unlimited support until we see how they handle the hiring of a new city manager. We don’t want to end up like the poor city of Bell, where it was like KFC was monitoring the henhouse. Ken Potter, Rocklin