Counterfeit check operation busted

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Rocklin Police Detectives, in conjunction with other Placer County agencies, nabbed three individuals, including a Rocklin woman, on suspicion of operating a counterfeit check operation targeting South Placer County. Over the past several months, numerous counterfeit checks have been passed within the city of Rocklin and neighboring jurisdictions, explained Rocklin Police Lt. Terry Roide. The Rocklin Police Department Investigations Unit began collecting leads and working with the Sacramento Valley High Technology Task Force on identifying the individuals involved in what has been identified as a large scale counterfeit operation, he continued. On Wednesday evening, Rocklin Police Detectives joined with Detectives from the Placer Regional Auto Theft Task Force, Placer Special Investigations Unit, and Investigators from the Placer County District Attorney’s Office in conducting surveillance of the residence of one of the leaders of the operation. During a routine traffic stop that evening, a Rocklin Police officer found numerous counterfeit $100 bills, credit cards, checks, computers, digital media, printers, and counterfeit identification as well as a 357 handgun in the suspect’s vehicle. Based on the evidence found, detectives requested a search warrant for the residence being watched. After the warrant was served early Thursday morning, detectives searched the house and located counterfeit money, counterfeit checks, counterfeit identifications, card readers, printers, computers, and materials to create counterfeit documents. Arrested were 22-year-old Alexis Jeanette Marie Ramos of Rocklin, 35-year-old Malik Abdul Jamerson of Sacramento and 53-year-old Sabrina Gail Thavarabrahma (AKA Jordan) of Sacramento. The trio is being charged with making fictitious checks, passing counterfeit money, manufacture of deceptive government identification and conspiracy to commit a crime. All three individuals were booked into the Placer County Jail. Rocklin is working with the Sacramento Valley High Technology Task Force to analyze the digital media. After the evidence is analyzed, other charges may be added. “We also anticipate additional victims being identified,” Lt. Roide said. “The Rocklin Police Department would like to thank all of the other agencies for their assistance in shutting down this counterfeit operation, which has targeted numerous victims in our area.” -- Gloria Beverage