County’s been snookered with no guarantee

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Placer County amended its General Plan and changed zoning as its part of a bad deal to allow a development in the middle of farmland. Instead of focusing on the egregious destruction of the county’s rich agricultural and natural resources, the supervisors and developer made certain the public only focused on the so-called “gift,” of an “iffy” university. Although billed as a “regional university” project, the fact is that the county has been snookered into giving development entitlements in exchange for no solid guarantee of a university. Thus, we will have the isolated sprawling development with no public transportation (making way for traffic and diminishing air quality) as well as a complete abandonment of the county’s mandate and mission to protect its resources. No one opposes a university but everyone should oppose one of the worst locations, and the obvious capitulation by the supervisors to the developers’ demands. Sally Hall, Rocklin