Crime log

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MARCH 4 Sometime overnight, an associate of Rocklin Elementary School on Meyers Street told police the school was burglarized. According to the police report, unknown suspect(s) gained entry to the building by unknown means and stole electronic equipment from the library valued at $600. The theft reportedly included two digital cameras and an overhead projector. MARCH 12 Just after 1 p.m., a dirt bike rider was cited for trespassing on private property near Monument Springs Drive and Calverhall Way. According to the police report, 34-year-old James Edward Trinkkeller was spotted by officers off-roading in a property known for trespassing and vandalism. The owner has a standing no trespassing order with Rocklin Police Department. MARCH 12 Just after midnight, a clerk from the Heritage Inn Express on Rocklin Road reported being the victim of alleged theft. According to the police report, an unknown suspect(s) broke open the cash drawer behind the front counter and stole about $330 while the clerk was walking the property. Damage caused by the alleged theft is reportedly $50. MARCH 12 Just before 5 p.m., a caller reported an alleged incident of arson at Cobblestone Elementary School on Cobblestone Drive. According to the police report, the 51-year-old caller told police juveniles were using a lighter to catch the blacktop on fire. The flames were reportedly extinguished before the responding officer arrived. MARCH 15 Between 9:30 a.m. and 1 p.m., two associates at Merryhill Pre-school on Rocklin Road reported being the victims of alleged vehicle burglary. According to the police report, an unknown suspect(s) broke the vehicles’ door window and removed personal property. The total of both thefts is about $278. MARCH 17 Sometime between 5 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. the next day, the U.S. Postal Service reported a series of vandalism incidents at area community mailboxes. According to the police, mailboxes located on Fairway Drive, Woodside Drive, Cassia Way and two on Pacific Street and Montclair Circle were vandalized and in some instances pried open with an unknown instrument. Damage is estimated at $5,000. All of the residents who use the mailboxes will be notified of the potential theft and tampering of their mail. MARCH 20 Just after 1 a.m., a Granite Bay resident was arrested for an alleged DUI on Granite Drive. According to the police report, an officer contacted the driver of a Ford Explorer and identified her as 23-year-old Katherine Marie Johnson in the parking lot of San Ramon Boats. That’s when the officer reported Johnson showed alleged signs of intoxication. She reportedly blew a 0.15 blood alcohol level. She was transported to the Placer County Jail where she was booked for DUI. MARCH 20 About 4 p.m. on Feb. 20, a Quick Stop Market store clerk became the alleged victim of fraud. According to the police report, the clerk received a call from an unknown suspect who impersonated a gasoline supplier for the station and convinced the clerk to load a reusable visa card with $259. The suspect allegedly told the clerk he would pay them back later.