Cul-de-sac turns into board game for kids

By: Jon Brines, Placer Herald Correspondent
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Spring break for school-aged children is a time for blissful happiness for about 20 minutes. Then what do you do? For Rocklin parent Amanda Millard, inspiration for daily fun away from school can be challenging. “Spring break is very long,” Millard said. “It’s whatever you can do to keep them entertained.” The distasteful TV viewing has always been a fall back for parents everywhere, but this week in one Rocklin cul-de-sac, creativity ran amok. For 9-year-old Ellisa Phillips, her sister Emillie, 5, and their neighbors 8-year-old Lexi Goodman and 7-year-old Macy Millard, they got to play with a life-size version of the popular board game Candy Land. Like most impromptu play, it didn’t start out that way. “This morning it started out as a chalk line for the kids to ride their bikes around,” Amanda Millard said. The empty cul-de-sac became a canvass for colorful shapes and boxes all drawn with colorful sidewalk chalk. “She just started drawing shapes and we started thinking it could be a Candy Land,” Goodman said. The fun enlisted mom, Stephanie Phillips, who rolled the dice to keep the girls moving around the spaces. She was pleased to have her kids unaware they were exercising in the bright sun. “It has normal game things like go back two spaces, a start and a finish line,” Stephanie Philips said. Emillie was especially happy with her contribution. “It was fun for me because I was first,” Emillie said. “I won.” For Goodman, the project was more about camaraderie with her fellow neighbors. “We finally got along,” she said. Now only a couple more days left of spring break at Rocklin schools to figure out how to top a life-size board game.