Cuts to Rocklin Fire are reckless

Letter to the editor
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I would like someone to explain what in the world is our city council thinking. I recently heard that the city of Rocklin is going to reduce the staffing at one of our fire stations to two people periodically. At best this decision by the council is reckless and at worst bordering criminal. As a retired fire engineer from a large Bay Area department, I couldn’t imagine having only two firefighters on my engine company. Please explain to me, Vice Mayor (Scott) Yuill, how your first point on your city Web site talks about your commitment to public safety and your business as an insurance agent in the city corresponds to your vote to decrease staffing levels. Councilmen (George) Magnuson, as a volunteer for the fire department I would have expected more from you than a negative vote, but I can understand that you feel like you are being pushed aside by a professional department and your services are no longer needed and that this vote is a good way to get back at the department. As for Councilwoman (Kathy) Lund, I can tell that you have no idea what your fire department does or the value to the community that they are. The staffing levels in this city are horrendous but I have seen some spectacular work by your firefighters in action, cutting a man from a mangled car near my home in Springfield and almost weekly accounts in this paper of some type of emergency that the fire department has bravely encountered. Please contact your council members and let them know this is not an acceptable decision. D. Hopps, Rocklin