Davis offers the Full Spectrum at tattoo shop

By: Michael P. Fabel, Jr., Special to The Placer Herald
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There’s a new tattoo spot in town. Mario Davis, a renowned tattoo artist in Rocklin, had a soft opening for his new shop Full Spectrum Ink in October 2010. “I plan on doing the grand opening in April, but we still have a lot of remodeling to do,” Davis said. This is the first time Davis has become a small business owner and says it’s something he’s wanted to do for some time now. Full Spectrum Ink prides itself on cleanliness and a friendly, professional business atmosphere. “I plan on becoming a member of Rocklin’s Chamber of Commerce once I’m fully up and running,” Davis said. He also said that his business is good for other local businesses because he’s continually informing his customers about the surrounding restaurants, grocery stores and retail shops. To say Davis’ artistic gift is versatile would be an understatement, for Davis takes your vision, your idea, your memory, your emotions and brings them into reality with a lasting impression through ink, according to his clients. Davis has practically spent his whole life refining his artistic abilities, which started to show through around the age 7, when he began to draw rough sketches of anything and everything. When Davis was approximately 7 to 9 years old, he would draw detailed landscapes such as snow-capped mountains, nature scenes and ocean views. Davis started drawing profile portraits of his family and friends between the ages of 10 and 13 and by age 14, he was sculpting with clay as a freshman in high school. “I was 17 when a buddy of mine bought a tattoo starter kit and when I was 19, I did my first tattoo, on myself,” Davis recalled. No one taught Davis how to tattoo and he had to learn everything through trials and tribulations. Davis bartered his way into equipment, inks, and supplies when he first got started. Sometimes he would help his dad paint to earn extra cash for new and more efficient tattooing equipment such as his pneumatic air compressor. “The needles of your traditional plug-in-the-wall tattoo gun would back off because of the heat generated by the electrical current. With the compressor, you don’t have that problem. It’s just better,” Davis said. Davis specializes in all varieties of tattoos, from black and gray to colors, and from memorials to portraits and anything else you can think of. Client Jenna Gohn is the owner of a Celtic-style clover encircled by rays of colors, done by Davis. Gohn said her experience with Davis was positive. “I am a firm believer that tattoo artists are truly artists and should be given creative freedom with their pieces,” she said. “So, with that in mind, I went in with a bunch of clip art and pictures of what I was looking for, but nothing super specific and told Mr. Davis to come up with something for me. I came back the next evening and what he came up with was out of this world and totally what I was looking for even though I didn’t know what I was really looking for. He took his time to make sure everything came out just perfect, and two visits and 2.5 hours later, I came out with a piece I will love forever.” --------------- Full Spectrum Ink Where: 4225 Rocklin Road, No. 1 in Rocklin Contact: (916) 259-1828; Website: www.fullspec