Reader Input

DeFoe will work to promote Rocklin’s history

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Dan DeFoe, Rocklin City Council candidate, is a breath of fresh air! As a 30-year Rocklin resident, I don’t believe we have ever had a council candidate who believed in combining Rocklin’s future with its past. DeFoe truly believes that the railroading and granite quarrying past of this special place can be preserved and promoted as a place where businesses would want to relocate.

The idea of a Quarry Village or a restaurant in the old railroad roundhouse are just a couple of the possibilities if we elect Dan DeFoe, who has the intelligence and fortitude needed to make this vision a reality. At the recent candidates’ forum, when the candidates were asked what they have done as ordinary Rocklin citizens to promote or preserve Rocklin’s history, there was only one candidate with a positive answer. That was Dan DeFoe.

As a concerned Rocklin citizen, Dan helped get the Big Gun Quarry listed on the National Register of Historic Places. He also assisted with the preservation efforts of the Historic St. Mary’s Church and Heritage Park, where our city now holds its annual Christmas Tree Lighting event. This wonderful, small town, community event was made possible thanks to the efforts of citizens like Dan DeFoe who have a vision of preserving Rocklin’s past for our future. Let’s continue on this path of saving Old Town Rocklin and making it a destination by electing Dan DeFoe to Rocklin City Council. He will take us places we never thought we could go.

Carol Ellis, Rocklin