Deputy had superb lawyer

Reader Input
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When Placer County Sheriff Lt. John Savage’s case was dismissed by Placer County Superior Court Judge Colleen Nichols on Feb. l (Journal, Feb. 2), there was no celebrating with cigars and champagne in the District Attorney’s Office of Prosecutor Matt Block. In the case of Lt. John Savage, there were too many witnesses who heard the shots fired in the Rocklin neighborhood at Lakebreeze Drive on Oct. 8, 2009. Rocklin Police Department had to investigate. If the individual was not a law enforcement official there is no doubt the Constitutional Consent Law would not apply until the alleged suspect went to court. And even then, without a private attorney but a state public defender offered as a defense lawyer to the accused, chances are a conviction would follow. Even with a solid alibi as Lt. John Savage had in his case his lawyer masterminded the collected facts presented to the jury. Since Sheriff Lt. John Savage’s unmarked car was not searched, no shells would be found; no gun and residue would also not be discovered; there can be no crime to prosecute, therefore … a great defense! The case of Placer County Sheriff Lt. John Savage demonstrated throughout the legal proceedings a client can win their case with a good lawyer and a superb alibi. JOHN WESLEY NOBLE III, Auburn