Detroit doesn’t deserve all of the blame in this crisis

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Why is it you almost never hear the sales figures for Honda, Toyota and Nissan? They are down almost as much as the Big 3. Why don’t you hear about the financial aid being given to foreign-car companies by their governments? Why is it you never hear that, except for the Hybrid Prius and Civic, most Environmental Protection Agency mileage estimates are very close for all manufacturers and these hybrid account for less than 3 percent of sales. Why do Congress and the media blame the Big 3 for all their financial problems? If it wasn’t for the financial crisis we are all suffering through, which was not the fault of the auto makers, the Big 3 might be doing OK. Why do the Big 3 get blamed for not having more high-mileage vehicles? With cheap gas, customers don’t want/need smaller, lighter vehicles. Increase the price of gas from $3 to $4 a gallon and see how consumer demand changes. Why isn’t there a “real” push for more mass transportation? We get lots of lip-service from the government, but very little action. We are still developing most home and commercial building based on roads and the automobile. Don Perera, Rocklin