Don’t be duped by so-called city leaders

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I’m amused and irate at the same time reading Letters to the Editor by several members of the Rocklin City Council. I refer to Yuill and Lund’s misguided and uninformed views of Doug Ose. Ose is a RINO (Republican in name only). I would challenge them to compare Tom McClintock’s record (a true fiscal conservative) with that of Ose when he was in the House of Representatives. Ose is the problem, not the solution. Don’t believe all the mud that Ose’s slinging with his negative and character assassination of Tom McClintock. Ose obviously can’t run on his record but he can take plays out of the Bill and Hillary Clinton campaign play book. I would encourage all Placer County voters to take a hard look at both of these candidates. Once you compare the records of both Ose and McClintok, the choice is obvious. Don’t be duped by our so-called city leaders. After all, they’re responsible for approval of the up and coming rape of Clover Valley and the negative impact that will have on Rocklin for years to come. Do your homework people! Clover Valley passed based on a negative campaign ran by the Yes on H group. Ose is counting on that same apathy by the same voters that bought into the same misleading information spewed by the Yes on H gang. If you are concerned about out of control illegal immigration, out of control health care costs, an ever expanding federal, state and local government, outrageous fuel costs, securing both of our borders, then please take a hard look at these two candidates. I can only hope that common sense prevails and the true fiscal conservative, Tom McClintock, carries the day. Dennis Clark, Rocklin