Don’t forget to cast vote on city parks, Measure A

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Rocklin residents should soon be checking their mailbox for the all-mail ballot to cast their vote about city parks. Rocklin is the first city in Placer County to conduct an all-mail ballot election. At just under 30,000 registered voters, it is the largest political jurisdiction in Placer County to conduct an election wholly by mail. The purpose of this election is to place the following measure on a ballot for voter approval: Measure A To keep park and recreation facilities safe, clean and well maintained, shall Rocklin City Ordinance No. 949, reenacting the Park Maintenance and Development Act of 1998, be approved which would allow the city to continue to collect a $10 to $30 per year special tax to be used only for park maintenance and development? Since the City Council designated this election as an all-mail ballot election, there will be no polling places. Instead, registered voters in Rocklin will receive an official ballot and a postage-paid return envelope in the mail beginning July 27. In order to protect against vote fraud, state law requires a methodical verification process for mail ballots. Each voter is required to sign the outside of the envelope containing his or her mail ballot. Every signature of every envelope is matched against the signature appearing on the voter’s registration card. If the signatures do not match (for example, a husband signs on behalf of a wife or a signature has changed over time), the mail ballot cannot be counted. Voters may track the receipt of voted mail ballots through the Placer County Elections Division Web site. Voters may visit Elections/BallotLookup.aspx to check if a ballot has been received and accepted for counting. Enclosed with the official ballot, voters will find a Voter Information Pamphlet with important details about Measure A. The Voter Information Pamphlet is also available on the City Clerk’s page of the city of Rocklin Web site and the Placer County Elections Web site ( ~ Staff report