Don’t see receiving pizza as bribe

Reader Input
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Regarding the article “Red-light tickets earn police pizza,” The Placer Herald, March 24, oh my gosh, how in the world could pizza or sandwiches get anyone to do anything at all that he/she should not be doing?? I just don’t get it. And talk about beating a dead horse. . . that’s how the article struck me. It seems absurd that this wasn’t resolved ages ago. The article indicates the Police Department really did have an “official” program of receiving “food” for tickets. IF they did, of course it’s a bribe. I believe all officers know what a bribe is. Me, I do not see receiving pizza as being a bribe nor is it a gift, monetary or otherwise. I see it as a thank you, like having someone bake “you” a cake. Now, if the police department did create a program that resulted in food for issuing tickets; what has taken so long to get to the bottom of it. I say the number of issued tickets at any given time is simply what it is: issuing a lot of tickets. The Police Department issuing “jerry-rigged” tickets as ascertained by Dave Kert — now, that’s another story, separate from the pizza, and it’s a strong accusation. He’d best be right. If he is, what is taking so long to remedy such an illegal action? Again, I just don’t get it. Jill Fellows, Rocklin